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So as to adapt the existing products with the needs of the customers, the company will work with an appropriate calibration set having expertise as Fluke calibrator type 5080A model as one of the world's trusted calibrators with the capability of current and voltage applied to a very high resolution, and also apply to test of angle difference coefficient of single phase power simulation and DC resistance and temperature simulation for thermocouples and RTDs with high accuracy and efficiency and Also, the extensive simulation of the load Bank with the capability of any three-phase load ohmic, inductive, capacitive for simulation tests of regulators and also power factor tests to be carried out and any testing related to the nature of load angle and three-phase equipment and accessories necessary to perform the calibration measurement of all the customers needs are met.

This group serves as the heart of the company as the technical group test and customize the product, as well as playing the role of customization. In order to solve the problems in the utilization of industrial factories of the group with related work experience having the ability of performing the simulation conditions capable of finding the problem and ruling out the problem. Also, for a particular measurement equipment that is discontinued in production equipment plotters high speed dial will be handled.

About Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

According to granted agencies in protection relays and relay testing sets, CT, PT test sets and current injection sets protection relay testing laboratory of having the relay test set with six-phase and full range of necessary software modules to test all ANSI codes in the protection industry. The capability of this device is samping test, time, the harmonic test up to 30th, implementation of the transient state, distance, differential, frequency, state sequencer, auto recloser, types of inverse and directional curves toward the test, genarator loss of field, overexcitation for transformers, test the power swing, test energymeters and test of transducers and send and receive signal of IEC 61850 Goose automation system in high voltage substations are covered.

Also, in order to test the generator synchronizer with pulse measurement applied to the AVR and governor this device can be utilized. In addition, this laboratory capability of testing power transformer AVRs, so that the command acts to tap changer will be under analysis. Also, the technical group has the ability to provide advice to buy and supply of module with relay test device needed for the customer and the automatic tests. Therefore, the company will provide solutions in the field of protection for customers in a variety of industries.

About Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

The key to sell more and more is customer satisfaction is reliable and consistent after sales service. In addition to product quality visitation client satisfaction and after sales service are also more powerful. Therefore, the sale of a product is the beginning of a commitment.

The existence of close relations with customers causes project technical problems be resolved as soon as possible. The company products for at least one year and a maximum of three and a half years to the period of the warranty. Therefore, the customer effectively and support if you are consistent.

About Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

In order to respond to the specific needs of the customer engineering design is essential so as to all of the needs of the customer, respectively. regarding the comparison and quality evaluation of products of various manufacturers the company has necessary ability is capable of engineering design evaluation.

About Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

Considering the extesion and variety of work in the industry of electric power for the customer planning technical haite technical assistance and expertise is very important. The company in the field of control, measurement, testing, commissioning and relay protection is able to offer the specialized plan tailored to the specific needs of the project and host customers.

In order to provide the correct plan, without any problem, experience is required and for far-sighted dorandishane effective and in-depth project steps which the company thanks to the experienced human resources in this area.

About Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

As an inseparable part of any specialized activity and industrial activities to achieve its agenda to the horizon and continuing activity and should be satisfactory for members and customers training special attention held. Customers informed and trained trust the company. Also, the key to doing business in the relevant training and specialized knowledge of the exact characteristics of the product.

Trading and Sales of Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

Trading and Sales

Due to the long history of the company in the field of importing electrical equipments from known manufaturers all over the world and patricipation in exhibitions has the ability to consult the customers for technical services and after sales services provideing accurate technical advice and expertise indentifying the customer needs.

Technical Consultation of Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

Technical Consultation

For correctly guiding the clients and employers, and ensuring that more employers the company providing the main tasks of the technical part of their know, the aim of this company is to provide high-quality commodity and with all the technical specifications needed for the client at the same time providing new capability. Client satisfaction with the correct technical data, proper implementation and commissioning of the project and the speed with it.

Project Management of Bornika( Borna Niroo Karan )

Project Management

According to the history of the company, always in the electrical equipment and services related projects can be done by the technical group as a significant point, supplying relevant accessories and spare parts for urgent projects that has special importance. The existence of interconnection with manufacturers technical problems in projects are resolved as soon as possible.